Bleu Skye

14h, 2005 Sport Pony mare $4500 (sold)

Skye has brilliant movement and a playful personality. She is naturally confident so came along very quickly under saddle. She is built stout and beautiful with gorgeous flowing mane and tail and leg feathering. Skye is athletic and looks gorgeous on the flat and over fences. She has the eye-catching color and movement to be a serious ladies' dressage horse. She carries her head beautifully naturally and has balanced go/whoa. She weight tapes at 1000lbs and has nice flat bone. Skye is very nice over fences in the arena and on the cross country course. She also likes trail riding. She is not spooky and loads and hauls well. We have been using Skye for vaulting lessons at a trot during pony camp. She's got a big stride but was very accepting of all the vaulting moves from day 1. When people see Skye, they immediately say how beautiful she is. Eveyrone likes her. We would like her to go to someone who can truly appreciate what an amazing horse this is.

Update: Skye is being used in lessons with riders of all ages and skill levels. She is very adaptable and good at going from a lesson with an intermeidate middle schooler to an 8-year-old beginner. She is used 7 times a week between vaulting and lessons. Dressage is where she really stands out.

Update: For our Halloween talent show, a 16-year-old ponied a pony off of Skye. Skye was mounted cowboy style. The rider stood on Skye's back and longed the pony around her. The trotted circles and figure 8's. Then came to a stop and the rider dismounted Skye and got onto the pony without touching the ground, and did a backwards sommersault off the pony. As you can see, Skye is not only a very beautiful horse, she's handy too!

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