Sir Samwise Gamgee

13h, 2002 reg. Sec B Welsh Pony Gelding $7,500

Sam is an extremely fancy mover - his regular trot looks like passage. While his trot is bouncy, his canter is very smooth and naturally collected. Sam jumps 2'6 but mostly schools cross rails and small verticals with students age 8-11. He is best suited for an intermediate child who needs a very fancy pony with a good canter. He prefers bitless so we only use a bit for tune-ups. He is very sensitive on the ground but often requires a crop under saddle. He likes routine and to be ridden regularly. Sam knows a lot of tricks, like bowing, rearing, and smiling. He is usually the favorite pony of smart, compassionate kids on the more introverted side. His super easy to ride canter has made him an invaluable asset to our lesson program. We have owned Sam since 2008 and have had him in parades, at expos, and on lots of trails.

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