April in Paris

16'1 1/2h, 2002 Sport Horse mare $6,500

Paris is an amazingly beautiful dun pinto with leg barring and dorsal stripe and black mane and tail with a very ponyish personality! She is so much fun! Paris is a wonderful horse for a preteen or teen because she has a super easy canter and jump but is a horse you could get your B or A level Pony Club rating on. She is not trained to that levle yet, but her price would be much higher if she was!

Paris does a ton of tricks like bowing, sitting on a bean bag, and smiling. She has an outstanding circus bow and cat stretch, which are great for maintaining a horse's back as well as fun and cool looking. Check out her tricks in the first video below.

She LOVES the trail and crosses water, jumps logs, goes over bridges and sand dunes. She is an ideal loader and hauler. Wherever, whenever, she loads and hauls like a champion. Gets along well in a herd. Tends to be towards the bottom.

In addition to jumping and natural horsemanship, Paris is also trained for Working Equitation, which is Spanish style 3-Day Eventing (see the video of her riding with the garrocha pole). Working Equitation is just getting started in the US. Paris canters 10 meter circles with the pole, which really helps her dressage.

Paris is happiest with a lot of exercise but she is very reliable. She is very sensitive and light on the aids, but has smooth, balanced movement. We use her in our lesson program for a variety of riders. See her videos to see how versitle she is.

Paris was mistreated before we got her so she has the bad quirk of pinning her ears, but she is WELL worth the patience. She is very loyal and has an amazing work ethic. She would be the SHINING STAR of a natural horsemanship rider who also wanted a horse they could compete on. Goes great bitless and treeless or in traditional tack. We were told Paris is an Oldenberg cross. The only papers she has are basic Pinto papers but she certainly looks the part and has the typical, playful Oldenberg personality. Based on the fact that she sometimes takes a lateral canter, we think she is Oldenberg/Standardbred.

Update July 5, 2013: Wychus Creek - Paris is outstanding on the trail. We took her to Whychus Creek where we jumped all kinds of logs, up banks and down banks, through brush, and she was the best out of 4 horses. We were able to link together a course of several jumps through the trees, riding through pine needles, with very difficult turns. She was very easy and didn't get hot at all. We rode her in her bosal and she always stoppped nicely.

Update July 17, 2013: Todd Creek - We took Paris horse camping for 3 nights. Despite being the biggest horse, she shared a pen with another horse when 2 small ponies we brought along decided they didn't want to be stall mates. Paris loved camping out. She had perfect stall manners and ate and drank like she'd done it a million times before. She was very reliable on the trail. We even used her for a walk/trot rider when one of the moms wanted to join in. Paris loved crossing water - she waded in and splashed or stood quietly if asked. She went over narrow bridges. She rode anywhere in the herd. She rode up and down steep, loose dunes. She walked through narrow passages in thick woods. She cantered in a meadow and jumped small streams. We loved waking up and seeing her first thing every morning. She really earned her keep.

Update Jan 12, 2014: Paris has been used in our lesson program all Fall. She is primarily being ridden by an 11-year-old who is new to horses and a mom who rode h/j in her youth and is getting back into riding. Her higher level training is being maintained by our trainers, but it's been a low key Fall compared to our go-go-go summer!

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