12'2h, 2003 Welsh gelding, $8,500

Evan is sooty buckskin and has a mane and tail like a Barbie pony - it goes past his shoulder and his tail is thick enough for 2 horses. He is used in our lesson program for teaching the littlest riders to steer. The smaller they are the gentler he is. Evan has a tiny little trot and is very smooth. He is kind, reliable, and virtually bombproof - he is just about perfect! We started Evan under saddle ourselves as a 3 year old. Now that he is a 10-year-old gelding, he is much in demand and ready to go bless one lucky family. Evan goes English and Western and is well behaved in all settings. He has a huge heart and will only be sold to a family that dotes on him!

Email info@ponypros.net to find out if Evan is the perfect horse for you!


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