14'3h, 2009 Quarter Horse mare, $3500 (sold) photos: - images/cricket/sm/IMG_6468.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_6470.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_6472.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_6473.jpg - images/cricket/sm/cricket2.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_0795.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_0797.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_0801.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_0804.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_1122.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_1035.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_1189.jpg - images/cricket/sm/IMG_0800.jpg - images/cricket/sm/cricket4.jpg videos: - id: 6XfYCVGZjB8 more_videos:

Cricket is a beautiful smooth moving mare who we started under saddle in May. She is the whole package - looks, temperament, athleticism, foundation, and a proven brood mare! Cricket is very sweet and nickers to you when you walk up to her pen. She has a very consistent temperament and is your typical finely bred Quarter Horse. She is as curious and kind as she is athletic. She will also jump whatever you point her at on the ground and is game for anything. She is not spoooky. Cricket has a pocket pony when you're hanging out, but when she's working she's all business. Very seriuos when she is working. Has more than enough work ethic to be suitable for a competitive adult. Has natural flying lead changes on the ground. This little QH is bred to the hilt. Check out her papers. Cow lovers' great investment. Very turny for barrels too!

Update: Cricket was ridden all Fall by a 16-year-old. She has been in the sorting pen and loved following cattle. She is reg AQHA and could show on the circuit, or be an outstanding all arounder for an equestrian team kid as she is also beautiful jumper. Cricket has been started right and is ready to continue your way. Still green, not a finished horse, but loads of potential. Just had her teeth floated. Loads and hauls great, not spooky, unlimited potential! Shell win your heart.

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