Horses and Ponies for Sale

At PonyPros, one of our joys is seeing ponies come through our program and then move on to be have happy and successful lives in new homes. Our goal is not to sell ponies, but to create pony ambassadors that makes people say "Wow, we'd love to have a pony like that in our family!"

Just like us humans, each pony is an individual with a unique set of traits, talents, skills, and passions. Therefore, there is no pony that is perfect for every situations, but rather a pony that is perfect for your particular lifestyle and dreams. You can give that pony a home where they can really excel and be amazing.

We take great pride in "pony matchmaking" and would love to have the chance to help you find the pony you are perfect for. We have a lot of friends in our network and can often find a pony that is just right, or would be just right with a couple months of training.

We also do custom ponies. If we can't find the right pony for you, we will train one for you. Training takes 4 months on the short end and 12 months on the long end.

If you know you want a PonyPros pony but do not see the perfect pony here, please plan ahead so we can have about 4 months notice to scour the internet, talk to trainers and breeders in our network, locate your dream pony, and get him/her transported to you.

Occasionally we offer our personal school ponies for lease. This premier service is offered on an individual basis by request only.

Sales Horses & Ponies

Here are horses and ponies who we have recently gotten in who will be for sale after they have been fully prepared by our program. Sometimes they aren't for sale yet just because we are enjoying them too much! Previously we have done a lot of sales on commission. As of January of 2013, we have begun focusing more on purchasing our own prospects to train and sell. Please note - we took a break from selling horses Fall 2013 to Spring 2014 due to Les' illness and passing. If you see a horse who is still for sale here, it is because we put a "freeze" on selling horses in order to simplify our life during this very stressful time period. We took the horses off of sales sites like Dreamhorse, but the process of editing our own site to reflect this information was more than we could do at the time. We are now able to offer the horses for sale again.


2010, 14'3-15h reg. Fjord gelding, $3500

Odin is going to be someone's ultimate trail horse. He is super quiet handwalking down a busy road, and it seems likely he'll be just as great riding! Loads perfectly in a trailer he doesn't know. Very easy keeper. Does great in a herd. No problem with pasture. Extremely stout and has excellent hooves. Athletic and well balanced despite being slow - he does very nice flying lead changes at liberty. Natural very lazy. We bought Odin July 2nd to train and resell as we have always wanted to work with a Fjord. Odin is a very handsome guy and is definitely a push ride - great for someone who doesn't want a lot of go.

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2007, 12'2h Welsh mare $3500

Abby is a super sweet, gentle, easy going mare. She really surprised us by being so docile! Abby likes to trot slowly on the longeline and just step over jumps. We were delighted to find that she has the ideal temperament for the age group that matches her size - kids ages 3-10. We bought Abby in July 2014 and are very excited about her progress. Her first day carrying a saddle she was so gentle that a 4 year old got to longe her over a tarp and small jump. With her temperament and 4 matching socks, she's going to be someone's dream come true!


2006, 13'1h Welsh mare $12,500

Berry is a super fun and fancy medium pony, bred and raised on an A-circuit hunter farm. Berry is currently used in lessons for riders just learning to jump as well as riders just starting to canter courses and learn flying changes. Berry is engaging and interactive, but also quiet and well mannered. Good confidence builder as she looks forward but she actually takes some leg! Green Pony division eligible for 2014. Multiple Championships. Berry is owned by Mountain View Stables and is being marketed by Pony Pros.

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April in Paris

2003 16'1 1/2h Sport Horse mare, $6500

Paris is fun. Yes, she is a full sized horse. We got her because she has great markings and Oldenberg's are really like big ponies anyway! Paris is very sensitive to the aids but has good tempo under saddle. She has nice flat movement and is very smooth, especially for a sport horse. Paris freejumps 4ft with a 4'6 spread and canters smaller courses under saddle. She loves to do tricks. Very smart. Can go all day without sweating. Bonds strongly. Trusting, willing, and takes care of the right person, but needs kindness. If you want a big horse with lots of personality, she's your girl. For sale to a natural horsemanship home.

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Sir Samwise Gamgee

2002, 13h reg. Sec B Welsh gelding, $7500

Sam is an extremely fancy mover - his regular trot looks like passage. While his trot is bouncy, his canter is very smooth and naturally collected. Sam jumps 2'6 but mostly schools cross rails and small verticals with students age 8-11. He is best suited for an intermediate child who needs a very fancy pony with a good canter. He prefers bitless so we only use a bit for tune-ups. He is very sensitive on the ground but often requires a crop under saddle. He likes routine and to be ridden regularly. Sam knows a lot of tricks, like bowing, rearing, and smiling. He is usually the favorite pony of smart, compassionate kids on the more introverted side.

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16'3h Warmblood gelding, $23,000

Chili is a well-trained hunter equitation and dressage horse. He is stunning to look at and very slimming for the rider. Chili has outstanding walk to canter transitions and is safe and sane. He has excellent barn manners and is a gentleman on the trails. Chili also schools cross country jumps on the grass and shows great aptititude there. He is a very useful, enjoyable horse with no bad habits and only two owners since birth. Chili is very personable and will win you over the minute you meet him.

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Example Ponies

These ponies we are currently holding off the market, but are an example of the quality of ponies that we start and develop here at Pony Pros.


2003 12'2h Welsh gelding, $8500

An all-but-perfect pony. The smaller they are the better he is. Does lessons with kids off the longe as young as 4.

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Blue Man

2003, 12'1h Welsh gelding, $8,500

Proven pony adored by kids of all ages. Does lessons with kids off the longe as young as 4. One of the best canters of any pony out there.

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Sold Horses and Ponies

Over the years we have come in contact with many wonderful horses and ponies. There are a few that stand out for us, though! You'll see some of our favorite horses and ponies below, as well as a list of ponies that we did sales evaluations on for their owners.

"We thought you would want to know that Lilliput arrived safe and sound last night/this morning. She seemed a bit tired (we all were at 3am) but was calm and appears to have travelled well. Thank you so much, for everything. Our daughter is the happiest girl in the world!" A.G.

Evans Liliput Cream

13'1 1/2h, 2003 reg. Sec B Welsh mare (congratulations to Katharine in Scottsdale, Arizona!)

Liliput is kind, fun, and very sweet. She is used in lessons with kids ages 5-15. Uncomplicated, easy keeper, barefoot. Stunning, well-balanced, big mover. Great verbal whoa. Jumps a 10. Would also be a great lady's dressage horse for a rider under 5'5. Also bows, sits on a bean bag, and pushes a ball with her forelegs. Liliput is Kali's personal favorite horsenality - a strong mare with confidence, athleticism, and a gentle, willing heart. She would not be for sale if we could afford to buy her.

"Ahsoka was great during Pony Club camp and got a lot of great new experiences...I rode her out on the x-country field and every now and then pointed her at a small log or bank and she jumped them first try without any hesitations. I then tried her over a ditch jump and she jumped it the same way--not phased at all. She really seems to like jumping."


13'2h Pinto Pony

Ahsoka is a talented young mare with great conformation and beautiful markings. She was started Western but shows a great aptitude for jumping and nice natural head carriage. Ahsoka is very kind and willing. She would be a great mare for a Pony Club home. Ahsoka is a great investment prospect. She is flashy enough for hunters but has the sensibilty for cross country and the conformation for dressage.

(photo shows Ahsoka with her new owner, Lucas, age 9)

"Everyone's doing great. Ilo has settled in nicely, and even stays put under the metal roof when it's raining. We really appreciate the quiet authority she has brought to the barn." - T.P.


13'3h, 2004 Rock Springs HMA BLM Mustang (congratulations to Kizi in Salem, Oregon!)

Ilo is kind, gentle, consistent, and reliable. She is used in lessons with kids of all ages. She is a great vaulting horse for trot work and also knows several tricks including Spanish Walk and trot, sitting on a bean bag, bowing, smiling, shaking her head, and yawning on cue. She also likes to chase a flag and stand on a pedestal, is an amazing liberty horse, and also does piaffe in-hand. Ilo is one of the sweetest horses you will ever meet and has the cutest, most endearing facial expressions. The kids swear she takes care of them while they are riding her. Ilo will pack a rider through a 2'6 course with ease in an arena or hacking out in the open. She is a good little Western horse too, and has a nice slide stop and rollbacks, and is started on her spins. Ilo has done tons of trail riding and has been amazing at every parade, expo, camping trip, and show we've asked her to do.

Witchwood Twister

13h, 2004 WelshX mare (congratulations to Juliette in San Luis Obispo, California!)

Twister is very easy to ride and very self-contained. She is calm and confident and has a great work ethic. Twister has awesome cruise-control and stays at whatever pace you set her at. She's a big-bodied mare and though only 13 hands, looks attractive with a 5'3 adult rider. Twister comes from a line of great A-circuit hunter ponies but also has great common sense. She canters a small course, is outstanding on the trail, and also looks cute Western. Twister is also awesome for vaulting lessons!

"We took the ponies to the beach again last week and they were fabulous. It was magical with the girls riding bareback, walking side by side with the waves rolling in beside. Twister and Gingersnap saw their first remote control dune buggy, jet skis as well as kite boarders practicing on the beach with sails flapping overhead. They are wonder ponies indeed!" - L.P.


36" miniature horse mare (congratulations to Caroline in San Luis Obispo, California!)

Gingersnap is the most darling little miniature horse. She has a beautiful dark, dappled coat. Gingersnap was raised around sheep, dogs, rabbits, and ATVs so nothing much bothers her. She is a very pretty mover and looks like an honest to goodness tiny Quarter Horse! She has great conformation and is very balanced. She has excellent ground manners even for the tiniest handler and is sweet and personable. She is trained for leadline, longeline, vaulting, and independent riding. Gingersnap is a nice size for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

"Linden led Legacy around today and Legacy was an angel for her. She is just perfect for us. Thanks." - P.A.

Woodridge Legacy

12'2h, 1988 reg. Sec B Welsh mare (congratulations to Linden in Enterprise, Oregon!)

Legacy is a great pony for the grandkids. She is great with preschoolers on the leadline or longeline, and can also be ridden by more experienced riders. She is in outstanding health for her age and does not currently require any special feed or care. Legacy is the grandsire of the famous Evans Providence of the Night. She is a very pretty mare with great movement and a fun, easy going disposition. She follows you anywhere without a lead rope. Legacy is a sensible buy. Video

"Well, she's here, and she looks great! Just hopped off the truck as cool as a cucumber, and let everybody pet her and hang out. What a trooper!" - R.H.

Evans Thistle Isle

12'1 1/2h, 1999 Sec A Welsh mare (congratulations to Sunflower Stables in Corvallis, Oregon!)

Thistle is the world's best walk trot pony. She is as safe as they come. Go anywhere, do anything, any time, with anybody. Thistle is a very pretty buckskin and such a sweetheart. You can trust her with toddlers, children with major disabilities, or unconfident riders who want to learn to trail ride and trot jumps. Thistle is only for sale because her owner has outgrown her. She would not be for sale if we could afford to buy her.


"Wallie is doing fantastic!!! M. and the rest of the family are so happy...Mackenzie leads him to and from the round pen and around the pasture. He just walks nice and sweetly with her. It is so cute to watch! This Saturday we had family from Seattle come for a visit - and Mackenzie felt very brave and confident and wanted to try trotting for the first time on Wallie. She went around and around trotting. What a proud mommy!" - L.B.

Evans Warwick (Wallie)

11'2h, 2006 Sec B Welsh gelding (congratulations to Mackenzie in Goldendale, Washington!)

Wallie is the cutest, goofiest little pony you will ever meet. He has a teeny little canter that is so easy to ride and makes kids feel really confident. Wallie is a great size for kids up to about 4th grade. He canters a course and also goes Western. Wallie LOVES to do tricks like sitting on a beanbag, chasing a flag, and a cat stretch. He has the best lay-down of any of the ponies we have.

"Rusty and Spencer went to the Central Washington Pony Club show Sunday and took first place in western equitation, judged 80% on the rider and 20% on the horse. It was six and seven year olds with six participants in the class. Spencer is considered a six year old. Rusty was the smallest. They did the best job and deserved to win first place. Spencer had the best equitation and Rusty was smooth and collected. He also backed perfectly. Spencer can also load him in the horse trailer by herself now by simply pointing him at it."

Rusty update 1 year after purchase - "We love him. Spencer and Rusty won first place in Western Equitation today. There were eight exhibitors. The class had seven and eight year olds in it. They also won first place in English Equitation. This is ten year olds and under. Spencer is the youngest and Rusty is the smallest pony in the class. Then they did keyhole, poles and barrels. We don't practice gaming and do it for fun only at the show. They got fifth, third, and fifth respectively."

Rusty update 3 years after purchase - "Rusty is awesome and I love him so much. Spencer loves him too, but I may be more attached than she is. We are getting a new house with two acres so he gets to live with us now. I am the 4-H leader and our two horses are our #1 hobby."

Morton's Celebrity

12'1h, 2002 Sec B Welsh gelding (congratulations to Spencer in Spokane, Washington!)

Rusty is very obedient and light. He is great on the trail or in the arena. Rusty has good ground manners and is easy to be around. He has a very pretty trot and is a balanced mover. He has a very good work ethic and is a gentleman. Rusty is a nice size for kids up to about 5th grade.

"We absolutely love Cinnamon. You're right, he's such an angel. He was very calm when he arrived. He was a perfect gentleman, even when Cels struggled to put his halter on. He went right through his repertoire of tricks flawlessly with a lay down and sit at the end. I'm going to do my best to continue his excellent training, you and the girls have done an amazing job. Will you please extend our gratitude to the girls that have helped with Cin. Thanks again Kali, you have made finding the perfect pony a fun and rewarding experience for us, Jen." Cinnamon update, almost a year later - "Just wanted to let you know that Cinnamon is super wonderful and we are having so much fun with him! Cinnamon update, a year and a half later - "I am so proud of Cels and Cinnamon. They are a wonderful pair. Cinnamon just melts my heart, so far I haven't found a thing that he's not willing to do happily. No matter where we take him or the surroundings he has not done a thing that was uncooperative, such a good boy."

Evans Southern Comfort

12'3h, 2007 Sec B Welsh gelding (congratulations to Celsiana in Trinidad, California!)

Cinnamon is a very handsome guy with a great personality. He is a super flashy liver chestnut with four knee high stockings and a blaze, and really nice dressage movement. Cinnamon is an amazing mix of obedient and charismatic - he can do really focused work and still be cuddly and playful after the lesson. Cinnamon loves to do tricks like laying down, standing on a pedestal, getting wrapped up in a tarp, pushing a huge ball, and sidepassing things. He is very creative and can't wait to show you what he knows. Cinnamon loves trail riding and is started over little crossrails. He is always very gentle, confident, and a pleasure to be around.

(photos shows Cinnamon with his new owner, Celsiana)

"We got in at 3am to Sacramento! Billy is working out beautifully. J loves him and is riding him independently in our arena. Our trainer thinks he will be a great fit and knows and likes several ponies in his pedigree. Thanks for all your help!"

Billy update - 1 year later! "We still love Billy. My other daughter is riding him in 4H. They're doing everything - cantering, jumping. He's great!" Billy update 2 years later - "Billy has been used English, Western and on Trail extensively and is a wonderful mount!"

Polecat Billy

12'1h, 2003 Sec B Welsh gelding (congratulations to Laura in Sacramento, California!)

Billy is a very gentlemanly pony. He has excellent ground manners and is very easy to ride and obedient under saddle. Billy is a handsome dapple gray and has the temperament to match. He is reliable at all three gaits and wonderful for everything from longeline lessons to learning to canter a course. Billy is a pony that will build a child's confidence because he listens to a child's requests to stop, go, and steer. Billy also has a lot of wonderful horse agility skills, like carrying a tarp, jumping barrels, sidepassing blocks, and backing over poles.

Bella L'Indipendenza

2007, 13'3h Arabian/Quarter Horse mare (congratulations to Torrey in Enterprise, OR!)

Bella LOVES trail riding and also shows great Pony Club potential! Rides walk, trot, canter and jumps in the arena, on trails, or on the cross country course. Bella had all natural horsemanship training from birth. We bought her from a high school student who brought her to all the events she did with her show horse. Bella is very beautiful and friendly. She has balanced "go" and "whoa". Bella was born on the 4th of July. She is a great size for riders up through 8th grade. Goes English and Western and rides bridleless.

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Little Guy

2007 14'1h reg. Arabian gelding, (sold)

Little Guy has a huge heart. He's a very tender gentleman. This little gelding is a steady, balanced moving horse who will just step over little cross rails or really jump cute over something bigger. Little Guy is very easy to steer and not pushy with other horses or people. He is good in the arena and on trails. We bought Little Guy because we wanted to be able to offer for sale a horse that was very gentle and would be a real confidence builder for a rider who knew her stuff but just struggled with the amount of assertiveness needed for your average pony. Little Guy is a very gracious, appreciative horse who will make you feel special. Great size for riders up through 9th grade.

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Little Guy Blog Posts and Videos


2005, 14h Sport Pony mare, (sold)

Skye is going walk, trot, canter and is going over fences on the cross country course and in the arena. She is a beautiful mare with stunning movement. She is smart, fun, and not spooky. We have been using her for vaulting at a trot. We bought her directly from her breeder so she has only had one prior owner. Skye is an awesome pre-teen or adult horse. She has a gorgeous build and movement and would be stunning for Pony Club or a legitimate ladies dressage horse.

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2009, 14'3h reg. Quarter Horse mare, (sold)

Cricket is a beautiful, big bodied mare. Hard worker, very focused. Has a nice, scopey jump, but is quick and cowy. Definitely built like a Western horse but is registered and could do hunter classes. Very athletic. Loves to cuddle, but then loves to get down to business and have a job to do.

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2007, 9'3h Miniature mare, $3500 (sold)

The perfect toddler/preschooler pony. Mom's dream come true.

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2005 unreg. 12'1h Welsh gelding, (sold)

Bud is a beautiful mover with a great jump and excellent tempo. Rides walk, trot, canter, jumps anything you point him at, pretty close to auto changes. He is a pleasure to watch go around. Bud has an especially nice canter for a pony. He is very easy and natural over fences - finds his distance effortlessly. Bud is a gentleman about bathing and clipping, and almost never tries to go for the grass with kids leading him. He's very curious, friendly, and fun to be around. He has great potential as a pony hunter or pony club mount! Great size for riders up through 5th grade. Phenomenal pony but this is his first year under saddle so still needs work on his confidence. We have had him out on the cross country course and road without issue but he is currently only ridden by working students.

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