Get Customized, Interactive Help with your Horse from the PonyPros

You probably already know about PonyPros philosophy and methodology from our online videos. This is your opportunity to learn from us first hand and get help with the horse(s) that you have at home. You can focus on anything you want - coltstarting, teaching your child or grandchild to ride, refining your riding, building your horse's confidence - you name it! Many of the materials presented in the online course have not been released before and are not available to the public. If you live on the other side of the country and have wished you could attend a clinic, this is a great substitute!

Don't worry - the workload is very flexible! Everything is on your own time frame, there are no set times that you have to participate.


Each week we provide each student with a personalized hands-on assignment to do with his/her individual horse. These assignments should not require more than 1 hour of work, but you can choose to work with your horse longer, which is great.


Enrolled students can submit up to 20 photos or 7 minutes of video per week for us to review. Students also get 3 phone calls of 15-30 minutes in length with us wherein we can help them with any specific troubles they are having with their horse.

Community and Privacy

The course communications page is a private Facebook group open to enrolled students only. For students with privacy concerns, we suggest making a Facebook account in your horse's name.

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Next Session Starts: Saturday, July 20th!

Price: $100 for a 5 week course!

What's on tap for week 1?

  • Meet & Greet - Tell us about yourself and your horses. What do you want to learn?
  • What are you in for? - Learn what it means to be an Equestrian Expressionsist - Eqxpressionist!
  • We're off! Start your first project. PonyPros will help you along step by step as you and your horse follow your dreams.


I am so excited about trying this! The horses are improving brilliantly. I am deeply grateful. You make me look like a genius. Ha! Best of all is the happier horses. - T.W. from Oregon

I did it!! The first time I did a side-seat i was a little bit scared, but felt ok. Keefe walked on lead line and I did around the world and then my trainer, Debbie, said, "Do you want to stand up?" and I did! See the photo! Keefe was scared first, then he was really good. This is a video link of my training session. - M. age 9 from Michigan

We had the best afternoon. Ulysses cut in half his protestations about "whoa" while being ground driven. I did backing squeezes with two other horses, and all three of us "got it", and I'm a bit closer to being the first 60 year old woman in the neighborhood to stand on her horse...just have to figure out what footgear will be the least likely to send me sliding. - G.M. from Montana

Such a huge gift to know how to adjust to their expressions!!! Instead of head-butting, he sighs and licks his lips. Wow. - T.W. from Oregon

Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant knowledge! I have definitely learnt a lot from this course and it has helped me sort out and fill in a lot of gaps in my usual training. - T.F. from Australia

I have felt a renewed sense of confidence as I approached working with my ponies. You have brought back to me aspects of training that I had used years ago. Because of age and injury, I have struggled with balancing hesitation with confidence to move forward with my ponies. Thanks for the added tools, the feedback, and the sense of a web of people who share aspects of horsemanship. Thanks for your energy and inspiration. I look forward to meeting you guys one of these days... and doing this again... - M.H. from Oregon

Thank you so much for running this course...There is so much I want to learn. - K.T. from New Zealand