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Discover Horse Agility

Discover Horse Agility Course

Build a relationship based on Calm, Connection, and Curiosity through the practice of Horse Agility!

In Discover Horse Agility, a free course from Les and Kali Kiger, co-founders of PonyPros, you are going to learn the most important information you need to know to get started and be successful practicing Agility with your horse. You'll learn the 3 Keys to building an amazing relationship, the Stick Together exercise (Les' favorite exercise to develop rapport with any horse), a method for approaching and mastering any obstacle, and the life changing distinctions that will make the Agility work you do with your horse powerful.

What is Horse Agility?

The essence of Horse Agility is a horse and human partnership using exemplary groundwork skills, communication, and imagination to navigate obstacles.

As a discipline, Agility has developed from the reawakened understanding that communication on the ground is the foundation of great horsemanship. This understanding has led individuals world wide to hone groundwork skills to the point of being an art form and a fun, competitive discipline.

The Story

We've been fascinated with Horse Agility for years now (though back then nobody was calling it Agility - we all still just called it "ground work"). The idea of being able to share a level of understanding and connection that would allow for the amazing liberty and online play we saw some amazing trainers doing was so captivating for me. Yes, we wanted to learn to ride beautifully and all of that, but what really sparked us and got us psyched on horsemanship was the level of exuberance and possibility in the kind of activities we've come to call Horse Agility.

The Course

The course is broken into two sections. The first is 100%, totally and completely free and features over 90 minutes of video introducing the most key, needle-moving ideas and exercises you need to have amazing success with Horse Agility.

In the first video Les introduces the three keys for an amazing Agility partnership: connection, calm, and curiosity and teaches you to Stick Together, the single most powerful exercise he knows for building all three of those keys at once.

In the second video Les show you the Outcome Equation, a mental model you can use to have absolute clarity about when and why you should reward your horse to be absolutely sure you are building not only the behavior you are looking for but also the state of mind that you need for positive and progressive partnership. Can you say savvy-accelerator?

In the third video Kali joins us to share us a powerful framework for mastering any obstacle with our horse called the ATML Model (Approach, Takeoff, Maneuver, Landing). Using this framework you and your horse are going to have huge success to matter your experience level or the obstacles you want to play on.

In the fourth video we pull back a little from the details of Agility to look at a broader revolution that is currently sweeping the horsemanship world, one that you are already a part of though this relationship and one we want to encourage you to take a more active role in.

Finally, we will share with you an opportunity to continue your Agility journey with us in the second part of the course: an in depth, extended, month-long course of interactive, online study featuring video, audio, and literature as well as direct feedback, answers to your questions, and coaching.

While there's plenty of practice, this course has a heavy emphasis on theory over showing tons of specific exercises. It's really the "teach a man to fish" approach to horsemanship education. We know you already know plenty of people to learn exercises from. What we have focused on is sharing with you are the background knowledge, theory, and frameworks you can use to adapt ANY other horsemanship information into your practice, as well as some of the most impactful exercises that we use on a day-to-day basis.

Free? Really?

No joke. This video series, including the three keys, rapport-building exercise, obstacle-mastery technique, and key distinctions is completely, 100% gratis as a service to the community. Then, after you've completed all of the introductory material you will be offered the opportunity to start a second, extended course of study.

So go ahead. You've got nothing to lose, and together we could discover a whole new world of delight in our horsemanship. Enter your name and email at http://discoverhorseagility.com to get started!

Intro to Synchrony DVD

Intro to Synchrony DVD

Get In-Synch with Your Pony (or Horse)!

Synchrony, one of the 3 elements of the PonyPros program, is about bringing you and your pony together in harmony. At the novice stage, synchrony primarily involves exercises that help the horse and human to read each other's body language. This language is used to develop dialogue and connection, which leads to greater suppleness, flexibility, and softness - the qualities of a relationship where horse and human are in synch.

This DVD features kids ages 8-12, and horses and ponies ages 3-8. The kids are all novice riders with minimal cantering experience. The exercises shown here are based in natural horsemanship, Classical Dressage, hunter/jumpers, trail riding, and clicker training. The goal of the dvd is to demonstrate exercises that help the horse to become balanced on all four feet, in every direction, so he can have a greater range of mental and emotional balance. The dvd is filmed at the end of a 3-month colt starting process with two 3 year old Welshes and their 8-10 year old owners. It also shows a 4 rescue horses and ponies, and a nice QH mare who has had about 8 months of training.

"Intro to Synchrony" features about 20 different groundwork exercises, plus seatwork on the longe, and beginnger rein aids under saddle. It has demonstrations of teaching general yielding to pressure, teaching the rein aids on the ground, and doing groundwork movements with an obstacle (like sidepassing a pole). It also shows a technique for getting on a pony's back for the first time, despooking with a tarp, and stretching exercises that are phenomenal for rehabilitation, or keeping a pony healthy and happy. The material demonstrated in "Intro to Synchrony" is what the PonyPros use for the first 1-3 months of the colt starting process (not including the work done on the trail, which is being made into a separate dvd called "Migration").

"Intro to Synchrony" is broken down into 5-minute "how to" videos where a student is shown working with a horse/pony and trainer, Kali Kiger, does a voice-over. After every couple "how to" videos, there is a 2-5 minute clip of Kali and her husband and training partner, Les Kiger, talking about what to focus on while you are doing the exercises and the theory behind them.

This is a "zero budget" dvd made at home by Kali and Les Kiger so please enjoy the information and try to look past the production flaws.

Here is footage of the two 3 year old Welshes 6 months after we filmed the dvd, so about 9 months training total
Maddie and Peanut
Zoey and Wallie

Pony Games Book Volume 1

The Pony Games Book Volume 1

Fun, creative, and educational games for kids and ponies!

Have fun while learning to ride! The Pony Games Book provides you with games to play to achieve specific horsemanship outcomes, without the monotony of rigorous instruction. Students who have fun while they are learning learn more! The games in the Pony Games Book integrate easily with existing training programs and are helpful to trainers, parents, 4-H leaders, and PonyClub instructors alike. Most of the games in The Pony Games Book can be played while riding or with the pony in-hand on the ground.

Examples of Games from The Pony Games Book:

In the Manner of the Adverb where students act out different adverb/gait combinations like "trot brightly," "walk sneakily," "canter mysteriously"

Bumpity Bump Bump Bump where students try to name a body part on the horse before the game leader can finish saying "bumpity bump bump bump"

I'm Thinking of an Animal... where students get to ask questions about the secret animal whenever they successfully complete a small task

PONY GAMES BOOK HIGHLIGHTS: - You don't have to be a horse person to be a game leader- trainers, parents, friends, and kids can facilitate games - Students' skills evolve naturally with the playing process- nagging not required! - Helps parents teach their kids without kids becoming defensive or feeling patronized - Each game includes tips for gauging the improvement of the horse's or rider's skills - Games for all personalities and po-nalities - Games are not discipline specific- Hunter/Jumpers, Western Pleasure riders, and Dressage riders alike can have fun with this book - Gives students a lesson plan to use on days when their trainer is unavailable - Helps home-studiers know what steps they need to take to achieve their horsemanship goals - Gives you games to play to reduce anxiety at shows - Great for groups or individual students - Keeps frustration low and fun high!

The Pony Games Book provides detailed descriptions of how to play 23 different games. The Pony Games Book puts a whole new world of fun activities at your fingertips!

Why are games good for teaching horseback riding? Games are an ideal way for you to teach horsemanship skills because they directly address the way kids and ponies learn. By using games instead of drills, you can turn boring, repetitive training sessions into fun, exciting (and EDUCATIONAL) play-days. Kids and ponies stay interested and focused, and learn new skills while having fun!

Pony Games Book Volume 2

The Pony Games Book Volume 2

Games to build Focus, Memory, and Stamina!

The Pony Games Book Volume II eliminates the instructor's need to nag by using the excitement of games to create an alert and engaged mental state in the rider. Most of the games can be played for 5-10 minutes without stopping, enabling riders to build muscle-memory and stamina. Included in the book are diagrams of nearly 40 patterns that can be used in addition to simple rail work. Most of the games are call-and-response style designed to deliberately distract students so they can learn to think and ride at the same time. The quick pace of the games helps horses and riders to stay focused while learning to manage spacing, pace, and steering.

Examples of Games from The Pony Games Book V2:

  • D is for Dixie where students act out a word that starts with the first letter of their horse's name each time they pass in front of the leader

  • Oh, Great Oracle where the Great Oracle asks students amusing questions that they answer while riding

  • Alphabet Associations where students name things that start with each letter of the alphabet while riding on a pattern

The Pony Games Book provides detailed descriptions of how to play 27 different games. The Pony Games Book puts a whole new world of fun activities at your fingertips!

EQxpressionists Volume 1

EQxpressionists Volume 1

Conversations with Individuals Modeling Horsemanship as an Artistic Practice

EQxpressionists is a book about playing with horses as artistic expression. Featuring interviews with seven progressive trainers from around the world, EQxpressionists questions what makes horses special to people, how we can create good relationships with our horses, and how we can develop a horsemanship practice that is fuel for life.

Those interviewed share their experiences training horses for showing, trail riding, and demonstrations. From Classical Dressage to trick-training, the individuals featured are sure to inspire.

EQxpressionists encourages readers to imagine their dream horses and digs at the question, "How should we work with our equines so that they can truly be the horses of our dreams?"

Features interviews with Interviews with Kim Sturgeon, Cheryl Glen, Ivy Schexnayder, Kim Gould-Wende, Karen Clouston, Joyce de Vos, Julia Thut, and Les Kiger