Horseback Riding Lessons

PonyPros offers both a regularly scheduled lesson program for students wishing to become experienced riders and drop-in lessons for gifts, vacation, and special occasions.

horseback riding team

1-Time Lesson

Please see the information below under "Drop-In Lessons." There you will find a listing of the various drop-in lesson opportunities that we offer, which require no commitment!


Please click here for information on joining our troupe, which requires a commitment to twice weekly lessons.

Drop-In Lessons

PonyPros offers a variety of drop-in lessons. Whether for a special occasion or just a special treat, you'll definitely enjoy a day with the horses, ponies, and cute miniatures. Please call 541-848-9573 for prices and to make a reservation. For best availability, please call a week ahead. We are not able to offer group trail rides at this time.

Drop-in Horseback Riding Lesson

A one-time private, English or Western horseback riding lesson

Would you like to become a more skilled rider? Whatever level you are, you can come take a lesson with us. We have horses for all ability levels. We provide the horse, the tack, and great instruction. Video: Starry, gentle lesson horse.

Stable Management

Learn how to take care of a horse

Would you like to learn how to care for horses? Caring for horse is called "equine husbandry" or "stable management". If you're thinking about becoming a vet when you grow up, or just want to learn all about taking care of horses, this is a great option for you. We'll show you how to feed, water, and groom horses, how to muck their paddocks, and how to rasp their hooves. If it is warm enough outside, we'll give a horse a bath. We'll also learn how to bandage a horse's leg and take height and weight measurements.

PonyPros Drop-In Specialties

Unique horse lessons you won't find anywhere else!

PonyPros instructors come from a diverse background of background of skills enabling them to provide rich, exciting experiences for guests looking for more than the average experience. These lessons are specially tailored for guests who are wild about horses and want an even deeper horse experience.

Movie Horse Lesson

An exciting lesson where you learn how to cue the tricks you see in the movies!

Do you love movies like Hidalgo, Flicka, and Racing Stripes? Wouldn't it be amazing to cue a horse and see him rear like an impressive stallion in front of you? Don't worry, our horses do lots of less intimidating tricks too, like bowing, sitting on a bean bag, smiling, waving, and laying down. Our horses are very gentle and reliable, and can introduce you to the exciting world of trick horse training one step at a time. See two of our trick trained horses here: Penny and Sam

Bareback Lesson

Experience the dream of riding in the most natural way

Have you ever dreamed of riding bareback? Get a closer feel of the horse moving underneath you. Sometimes you can even feel him breath or feel his heart beat. We'll help you find your balance and get a feel for the horse's body. We'll show you special seatwork exercises to get your balance. Discover the unity and closeness that great horsemen and women talk about. Video: Maddie & Markey

Horse Bonding Experience

Connect and bond with a horse on the ground

Do you want to make friends with a horse? Come visit us at PonyPros and we'll pair you up with a horse we think you'll really connect with. We'll tell you all about what food he likes, all his special places to be scratched, and help you discover his special character. You'll get to brush him and walk him, and we'll show you how to work him on the ground. No pressure to ride. Just an enjoyable interchange between person and horse. A horse experience is a great option for a person who is shy, timid, or a little fearful around horses but captivated by them. Video: Ted & Pixie

Discover Trick Riding Lesson

A unique experience where you can become one with the horse

Would you like to become really confident and agile on horseback? Believe it or not, this is the safest, fastest, most effective way to learn how to ride, and it is a bundle of laughs! We'll show you special movements to get your balance, teach you trick riding moves like you see in the movies, and help you progress as far as you can in one lesson. We bet you will leave smiling and feeling like a Centaur. Video: Various Kids and Horses

Horses at Liberty Demonstration

Enjoy an exhilarating viewing of our horses galloping and romping at liberty

Don't you just love seeing horses run? Come and watch our horses at liberty and see their beautiful movement and personalities. A horse specialist will narrate the exchanges between the horses and help you understand what the horses are thinking and feeling. We'll answer all your questions and have an opportunity to pet and visit with the horses at the end. Carrots and apples welcome! 1/2 hour: $50 for up to 4 people. 1 hour: $85 for up to 4 people. Each additional guest $10. See some of our great liberty horses: QuickDraw, Caron, and others.

Specialty Services

Miscellaneous services like birthday parties, graduation parties, and leadership skills coaching.

The diverse background of PonyPros coaches allows us to offer many wonderful services. If there is something you are looking for that you do not see below, please contact us and we would be happy to customize to your request.

Birthday Party

Horses, friends, and a whole lot of smiles!

Crazy about ponies? A birthday party at PonyPros is the perfect way for a horse crazy kid to celebrate. Our party structure can be customized to meet your group's needs, but we also have a tried and true itinerary.

1.5 hours

$125 for 4 kids

$150 for 5-6 kids

$200 for 7-8 kids

$250 8-10 kids

3.5 hours

$200 for 4 kids

$250 for 5 kids

$300 for 6 kids

$350 for 7-8 kids

$400 for 8-10 kids

*Includes break for cake

Horse Day Camp

Games, songs, crafts, and a daily riding lesson!

Camp at PonyPros is a great experience for both new and experienced riders. Not only do we work on team building with our ponies, but also with each other. We learn games and songs that are fun, and also learn all about grooming, the parts of the horse, the parts of the saddle, many other important lessons. The camp day usually includes coloring, singing, games, pony time, a craft, and a horse movie while we cool off at lunch time. Students will be divided by age and experience. Use our horses/ponies or bring your own. Camp takes place M/W/F, 9am-2pm. Please bring a snack and lunch! Ages 3-6 $295 full days or $150 half days. Ages 7-13 $225 per week. Late registration - register within 2 weeks of camp session, $275/week.

Camp is offered:

June 18, 20, 22

June 25, 27, 29

July 23, 25, 27

July 30, Aug 1, 3

Aug 20, 22, 24

Aug 27, 29, 31

*Junior Trainer positions available for students over 13

Graduation Party

Celebrate the closing of one door and the opening of another!

Is your child about to start middle school or high school? Celebrate this new step in her life and help prepare her for the experiences to come... Horses know ALL about peer pressure and setting boundaries - they live in a herd 24/7! Let the horses show you how to have fun and play, but maintain your boundaries and stay true to yourself. Our horses are full of character and have widely differing horsenalities. You're sure to see all kinds of things that remind you of people you know. This is a fun day where you'll learn how to take things in stride, sort through big (maybe even "horse sized"!) emotions, and put your best hoof forward as you take on the next stage in your life. 3 hour party with fun activities, plus a break for reflection and discussion midway.

Leadership Coaching

Learn about group leadership straight from a natural source, the horse!

Would you like to be a more confident and calm individual, especially in a group? Horses are herd animals who rally around calm, assertive leaders. Horses can help you strengthen your self-awareness and problem-solving skills. They're great life coaches! Our horses will teach you how to recognize when you need to be more assertive and teach you how to be assertive effectively. They'll show you how to make sure your message is clear and help you see when you are leaving wiggle room that might cause confusion and frustration. Our horses will start you on a path of becoming calmer and more confident under stress, and help you learn to diffuse tense situations. You'll learn to you harness your natural self and see how the person you are can work for you or against you in group dynamics.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Receive guidance and support from a horse during your time of growth

Would you like to see if horses can help you grow? It's amazing what can be accomplished when you combine the strengths of a horse, an equine professional, and a licensed mental health specialist. Horses have big heart energy and are very perceptive. When you work with a horse, you have a whole herd behind you. We can recommend a certified life coach or mental health professional, or work with one of your choice.


24166 Dodds Road, Bend, OR 97701

Directions: Travel east on Hwy. 20 approx. 7 miles from the intersection of 27th St. (Costco/Safeway). Look for the 9 mile marker, turn left onto Dodds Rd. Continue 1.4 miles. Driveway will be on the left. Visits are by scheduled appointments only. (541) 848-9573