Quick Facts

  • Lessons offered 6 days a week
  • Beginners through Experienced Riders
  • Wonderful community of caring coaches and ponies, and big group of fun-loving kids
  • Carpooling available
  • Minimum - 2 lessons per week (*exceptions - ages 8 and under, adults, vaulting, and haul-in lessons)
  • Group or private lessons
  • Multiple coaches available
  • Indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, picnic area, club room, and lots of jumps
  • Teach your horse fun tricks
  • Lessons in English (Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, Eventing), Western (Pleasure, Gaming, Reining), and Natural Horsemanship (Bareback Riding, Liberty, Horse Agility, Trick Training), and Trail Riding/Endurance

What makes PonyPros different?

  • Appropriately sized equines
  • Adventures!!! Like field trips, talent shows, and horse camping!
  • Healthy atmosphere - Smart, hard working, fun kids that we want our OWN daughter around.
  • All ages - start as young as they can wear a helmet.
  • Values - We feel like how we treat our staff, kids, parents, and horses really MATTERS!
  • ...You'll hear, see, and feel the difference in PonyPros lessons.

Our Students in Action

PonyPros - Ages 7 & Up

PonyPros is all about "Serious Skills and Serious Fun." Each lesson has 3 goals - to be educational, to provide exercise, and to get the kids laughing. Lessons start with horse agility exercises. Horse Agility has the dual purposes of being fun and preparing the student and horse mentally, emotionally, and physically for riding. The teacher coaches the student on reading the horse's body language and often incorporates a few tricks to capture the student's and pony's imagination. Next students mount up, sometimes bareback, sometimes saddled. Students learn jumping, dressage, trail riding, gymkhana, garrocha, and more. As students skills improve, they prepare for group adventures, like the one shown in the video below.

MiniPros - Ages 8 & Under

MiniPros lessons are for kids under 6 years old. Parents choose how often their child rides and for what length of time. MiniPros lessons are about giving kids a positive horse experience and providing pony activity time. Some of our MiniPros students attend because their parents have larger horses and mom and dad want their little one to get to pick hooves and ride a pony they can be more independent with. Other MiniPros students come because they love animals and mom and dad like the wholesome atmosphere the barn provides. Parents love the serenity of the stable and the way horses facilitate mental, emotional, and physical growth for their child through balance exercises, 1-on-1 interaction with a teacher, and thought-provoking questions.

About Lessons at PonyPros

Do you want to learn how to ride from a great coach and make a lot of friends to ride with? PonyPros is the place to be! When you sign up to be a PonyPro, you learn all about training horses and you'll have tons of fun learning to be a great rider. Don't worry - we ride ponies AND horses! We are a "do it all" kind of program, riding English, Western, dressage, and bareback, plus trail riding, trick training, and horse agility.

Lessons are designed to cover a wide range of skills, not just riding. As young equestrians, students build relationships with our horses and ponies through a combination of groundwork and riding, both in a saddle and bareback. Our students develop skills at a young age that many riders don't develop until they have years of experience working with horses. Our lessons focus on the individual, working towards goals that fit the student and the horse/pony. We take time to match the student with a pony that they are compatible with, so that they can grow together and learn from each other.

Your little horse-lover might not decide to go to the Olympics, do 100 mile endurance races, gentle Wild Mustangs, start a therapeutic riding program, or become a Hollywood animal trainer, but why not start with a horsemanship foundation that makes any of those things a possibility?

A PonyPros education can support such a wide range of amazing outcomes because students not only learn how to ride, they learn the fundamental leadership skills of persistence, dedication, compassion, and critical thinking. All along they way, students are encouraged to pursue excellence, pushing themselves in a healthy way.

Drop-in Lessons

Drop-in lessons for vacationers or special occasions are available any day of the week. Please call 541-848-9573 for prices and to make a reservation. For best availability, please call a week ahead.

Haul-in Lessons

Have your horse at home and want to haul in for lessons? We do not have a minimum requirement for haul-in lessons. Kids and Adults may schedule lessons at their leisure. YES - haul-in riders ARE considered a part of the PonyPros team and get to join in our special events, like field trips and camping!

Home Visits

Our program is just like 4-H, Pony Club, or Equestrian Team, with annual events and goals, but provides the personalized coaching with your horse at your house that those programs aren't able to provide. Students have access to the PonyPros curriculum and activities and get to progress at their own pace. Lessons are billed at the time of service. An annual membership fee covers a PonyPros t-shirt, access to our online course, and discounts on PonyPros camps, clinics, and shows. Email for an informational brochure.


I've been riding with Pony Pros for a few years now and I absolutely love it! There is no other riding place like it. We learn all sorts of things other than just riding. We do vaulting, jumping, colt starting, camping trips, trick training... Pretty much anything to do with horses - we do it. Everyone at PonyPros is so friendly, from the teachers to the parents to the kids. Even the ponies are super friendly and very cute! When you go out to the pasture they all come up and say hi and want to be taken out and played with. I always feel safe and accepted there. - M.J., age 16

These people are fantastic! I can't think of any better place to study or to trust with my child's equine education. We are blessed to have them in Bend! - T.W.

I have been riding with Pony Pros for about four years now. The program is as good as it gets. Kali and Les are outstanding teachers, role models, and friends. I have learned so much from them such as: Independence, problem solving, communication skills, and respect- and those are just life lessons. I have learned a plethora of horse related skills as well, like grooming properly and safely, how to tack up and catch your horse, and also the fundamentals of riding all the way up to advanced riding skills. All the ponies out here are the happiest horses on earth, they all love people and children. Kali knows how to make kids feel comfortable and safe while they are around horses. I know there has never been a time where I have been uneasy around a horse or pony out at Pony Pros. I recommend putting your child in this program especially is he or she loves horses. Their love will grow once they meet the ponies and people who are a part of Pony Pros! - E.E., age 15

I am filled with gratitude for PonyPros on so many levels: the amazing role models you are for my daughters, the memorable events you have arranged and they have participated in, your photographic genius. For the millionth time, I so appreciate your deep understanding of my girls. - J.B.

Pony Pros is a supper fun and encouraging way to learn how to ride, train, and become a true Pony Professional! There are so many different things to learn! Not only have I learned to ride but also train, care for, and understand ponies.I have met so many new friends and been able to experience things I wouldn't have been able to if I wasn't a part of Pony Pros. Pony Pros has given me life long memories! If you or your child wants to learn everything there is to learn about horses and ponies in a fun, safe, and encouraging atmosphere, you are looking for pony Pros! - K.J., age 16

I really like how the instructor has the horse on a lunge line and is in control of the horse. This really lets a beginner rider focus just on what they are doing and not trying to learn something new while controlling the horse at the same time." - M.S.

PonyPros is an awesome experience for children of all ages. My girls have been with PonyPros for 4 years. They have learned so much more than riding horses. They have learned responsibility, and they are confident working and riding the horses. Kali (I call her the horse whisperer) is well trained and trains in a gentle and natural manner. She evaluates the horse and rider and finds the perfect match for both horse and rider abilities. I recommend this program if you want a well rounded fun program.- K.J.

I have to tell you that PonyPros and their games for kids have done wonders for our granddaughters' confidence and riding ability. - K.R.

Pony Pros is awesome! For one, Kali is great with kids, so one can trust that they're going to be well-attended to, and get to take part in a really well-rounded, positive, and stimulating program. Its amazing watching her with the really little kids, and providing a comfortable, fun and inviting environment, yet challenging them and helping them to step outside their comfort zones. All the ponies are really sweet and complacent as well; you can tell they really love working with the kids. Kali and Les' technical knowledge and skills are quite impressive as well. I'd never been to a "natural" horsemanship school, but the fact that they don't use bits and do a lot of bareback riding is really cool. Overall, its an awesome school. The kid learn a lot of great skills, and simultaneously, become more independent and better critical thinkers. I would definitely recommend them! - C.V.

Our eleven year old daughter has been taking riding lessons from PonyPros for only about six months now, but has shown remarkable progress. We believe it is because of Kali's expert knowledge and hard work. She is dedicated, reliable, and ready to give 110 percent. We recommend her without reservation. - D.A.

Living in Bend gives you plenty of exposure to "Horse People." We could not be HAPPIER with the patience and care both Les and Kali give our daughter when working with horses and ponies. Kali's presence is calm and peaceful. The confidence that Kali has pulled out of my daughter is amazing! Our entire family has benefitted from having Kali and Les in our lives. - S.R.

PonyPros coaches teach with care and with an extreme amount of knowledge. As a teacher, Kali is patient, fun and great for my daughter. I would highly recommend Kali as an instructor. - D.T.

Kali is an excellent instructor and I can highly recommend Pony Pros. My 9-year-old daughter had never taken riding lesson before but was eager to learn. Kali has done an excellent job of teaching her everything from the basics of horse care to riding and training techniques. She has learned so much in such a short time and I am extremely pleased. I especially appreciate the one-on-one time that my daughter receives from Kali. She makes learning fun and safe and provides excellent ponies each lesson. If you are interested in learning about horses from a knowledgeable, professional and caring instructor, I would definitely call Pony Pros. - M.B.