PonyPros Clinics

PonyPros offers several clinic models and will travel nationally and internationally to teach. When we come to a clinic, we bring multiple coaches and helpers. A clinic with us is fun, fast paced, and packed with learning. Students get a total horse make-over because we help you with everything from hoof balance to horse behavior. Our favorite things to teach are groundwork warm-up routines, yoga vaulting, natural dressage, and jumping. A PonyPros clinic is empowering and fun.

No two PonyPros clinics are exactly alike. How could they be? That's just who we are. Contact us and we'll help you set up something that is perfect for your area and budget. Check out the examples below to get a feel for how PonyPros might make for a great clinic in your area.

City Clinic Example

Vancouver, Canada


Population: 2.3 million
Our commute: 11 hours
Duration: 4 day clinic
Cost: $400 per person
Scheudle: 10am-1pm - Kid's Horsemanship, 7 kids and trainer
2pm-4pm - private lessons, $65/hr

Kali, Les, and 3 students ages 9-12 drove to Vancouver, Canada on a Friday. The clinic ran Saturday to Tuesday. Amelia, the trainer, let us stay in her apartment at the ranch and she went to stay with her mom, who lives nearby. We fed Amelia's horses and did a night check so she could get some time away. Amelia took us out to dinner one night and we had a lot of fun getting to know her better!

Amelia's barn is a high-end hunter/jumper barn. She just wanted a few ideas for how to keep her school horses from getting bored and burnt out. We taught her and 7 of her students how to do ground games and tricks. We did some fun bareback riding and a spotlight style horse show.

In the afternoons we offered private lessons for the kids and moms who couldn't make the clinic. We focused on helping the moms know how to coach their own kids and getting the kids more confident. Amelia gave our girls a tune-up lesson in equitation and finesse, and our visit to Vancouver was really great all around!

Country Clinic Example

Milton Freewater, Oregon

Milton Freewater

Population: 6,300
Our commute: - 5 hours
Duartion: 1-day
Cost: $40 per person
9am-12pm - Kid's Horsemanship, 6 kids
1pm-4pm - Natural Dressage, 8 adults

Kali, Les, and two 12 year old student drove to Milton Freewater, OR, on a Friday and stayed for one night. The clinic was hosted by Welsh Pony breeder, Lorri Elkington. Lorri let us stay in her home.

We taught Lorri's 4Hers how to "send" their ponies over obstacles, taught them bombproofing principles with scary toys like a tarp, and helped them become more confident riders using seatwork on the longe. For lunch, we had a barbecue on Lorri's patio. The kids all ran around together and had a great time petting ponies and taking photos.

Kali and Les enjoyed visiting with the parents and hearing about Lorri's breeding program. In the afternoon, we worked with teens and adults. We showed them how to do dressage work in-hand and then worked on collection while riding. A few adults were less experienced and they got private lessons in groundwork and becoming more confident horse handlers.

Clinic Models

Here are a couple different clinic models.

Riding Stables - Have a gaggle of youngsters at your barn? We'll come teach you all about our games and activities so you can add them to your existent curriculum. We can bring new life to your program that will help you take your students forward with less humdrum.

Pony Club/4H - Just let us know what your kiddos want to learn and we'll come teach! You'll see a huge difference in their riding and horsemanship skills. Let us know what rating they're working towards or what classes they plan to do at fair and we will plan a curriculum with fun activities specifically to help with those goals!

Parent & Child - PonyPros can teach you how to teach your child! Parents always say that kids listen better to a trainer, but we can give you tasks and activities that you and your child can practice together, so progress will be fun!

Horse Agility Clubs - Kali and Les of PonyPros were the first accredited horse agility trainers in the US. We can help you get started in this fun sport, teaching you how to work with your horse on the obstacles as well as the logistics of competition if you desire to compete.

Trick Training - PonyPros can teach you how to train your horse to do all the tricks you see in the movies and Cavalia - rearing, laying down, sitting on a beanbag, Spanish Walk, picking something up, saying "yes" and "no", waving, chasing a flag, etc.

Natural Dressage - Get help finding that sought after self-carriage and lightness from PonyPros - we make it fun, elegant, and painless! PonyPros can teach demystify dressage terms like halfpass and shoulder-in, and make you feel warm, fuzzy, and successful practicing dressage.

Horse Rescues - PonyPros can help you implement a new volunteer program or give your existing volunteers a road map. Trainers Kali and Les have each worked with approximately 200 rescue horses and have trained over 60 people with no previous horse experience to safely and effectively handle rescue horses. Our program works with all breeds and horse ages and will not only help the adoptability of your horses, but can help reduce costs by making horses safer for farriers and other caregivers to handle. With our friendly training methods that work to mentally, physically, and emotionally rehab the horses, you will have calmer, happier rescue horses who's groceries stay with them better.

Trainer's Clinic - Want to start a program like ours? We'll help you do it fast and affordably by teaching you our curriculum and setting you up with a website.

Private Clinic - Want help from the PonyPros at your place on your timeline with no distractions? This option is for you.