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The PonyPros coaches are a group of fun people who believe that if you wouldn't do your job for free, then you should probably find a different job. We are not full time horse trainers - we have indoor jobs too. Learning how to balance work and play, high-energy time and down-time are part of what we try to teach our students. We are people who love yoga, travel, music, good food, and being outdoors. We are educated and try to be highly evolved individuals.

Meet our Coaches

Kali Kiger

Kali and Quinlyn

Les Kiger


Ariel Jasper


Rachael Denis


Hannah Fraser


Hannah Fraser


Lisa Ellefson


  • The Kigers graduated summa cum laude, with highest honors, from university
  • Les was Student of the Year for his program the year he graduated and Kali graduated with a 4.0GPA
  • The Kigers are experts for the "Horses Know the Way Home" personal development program
  • The Kigers were the resident trainers for the Mustang exhibit at the High Desert Museum Summer of 2012
  • The Kigers were the first certified Horse Agility trainers in the US
  • Both The Kigers are certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance and by TAGteach International
  • Both The Kigers successfully completed the National School of Academic Equitation's Mediterranean Horsemanship Course in 2010 and Work in Hand course for French Classical Dressage ground training 2009
  • The Kigers participated in two clinics with Healthy Stride, the trimmer for the Parellis, and trim their horses' hooves themselves
  • Les is a certified yoga instructor and Kali is a certified day care teacher
  • Les is an Eagle Scout
  • Kali was "Snowboard Coach of the Year" for MBSEF, a Competitive Freestyle snowboarding team, in 2005
  • Kali was a well-regarded A-circuit h/j in her youth, competing at shows like the High Desert Classic and Indio (HITS Thermal)
  • In addition to attending horsemanship camps, Les competed in rock climbing at the national level in his youth. He was 15th in the nation at age 15.
  • Kali was trained by the granddaughter of a dressage Olympian growing up
  • Les started college at the extremely young age of 12
  • Kali received a merit-based full ride scholarship, plus stipend, and TAship to grad school
  • By the age of 16, Les had his own business servicing 3 school districts in Oregon
  • Kali's personal Mustang was wild, off the BLM in Wyoming, and Kali trained her without a halter, roundpen, or any kind of rope or stick, loose in her paddock with other horses, through all her ground work and sitting on her back
  • PonyPros is a bit-cautious, tree-cautious program. We ride with a variety of saddles from bareback, to rubber tree, to air panel, to full tree depending on the horse's preference. Our horses go both bitted and bitless depending on their preference.
  • Beginner PonyPros lessons have a 1:1 or 2:1 coach/student ratio. When using a large arena space, we use headsets and ear pieces to ensure fluent communication from teacher to student
  • The Kigers have uploaded approximately 200 free instructional videos to YouTube between their 4 YouTube channels
  • The Kigers have provided over $7000 worth of scholarship lessons to students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to be with horses
  • The Kigers have logged well over 2100 hours each working with rescue horses
  • The Kigers have donated $2,000 and counting of horsemanship books and dvds to the Bend Public library system
  • The Kigers built this website, designed their own logo and marketing materials, and produced the PonyPros books and dvds on their own, without assistance